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DongGuan Grittag Technology, founded on June 2007, is a professional high-tech manufacturer
which concentrates on RFID card, RFID tag,RFID wristband and other RFID products.
Grittag has the complete production lines of Radio Frequency Identification ,our products contain
a variety of chips from low-frequency to high-frequency and ultrahigh frequency.We have the stea-
dy production technics from aluminium etching ,copper etching to ultrasonic wiring,master the Flip-
chip and wirebond technology well.The superb facilities and the steady technics make high relia-
bility,good quality and quick delivery.

Grittag has the full range of the RFID products such as NFC tag,on metal tag,library label,fragile
label,widely applied in mobile payment, anti-counterfeit,logistics, medicine management, post,
finance, and many other areas, widely exported to North American,Europe, South-East Asia,Mi-
ddle East and so on. The customers think highly of the quality.

Grittag has a powerful professional research and development team,advanced equipment,sea-
soned production experience, Can also offer customized services to meet your exclusive ideas
and needs.

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