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According to the market’s demand, we developed a whole ceramic cbd cartridge to meet
your customers’ demand. The advantages is as below:
●100% Full Ceramic with Medical & Food High Grade
●No Heavy Metal
●No Glue
●Suitable for 70%-85% thick cbd oil, no leakage
●0.5/1ml available

More details about our ceramic post, please check their difference with normal
ceramic as below:

Raw material price:
Our ceramic: 2285.7USD/t
Normal ceramic: 1142.8USD/t

Material ingredient:
Our ceramic: Food grade level, also can be used to make up ceramic tooth
Normal ceramic: Not food grade level, always used in architecture filed

Post surface process:
Our ceramic: Use machine to polish at least 3 times in 48 hours, longer polish, more
gloss surface
Normal ceramic: Glaze to make the surface gloss, when reach to the higher
temperature will release harmful substances

Sintering temperature:
Our ceramic: 1550℃, higher temperature, the less ceramic powder falls
Normal ceramic: 1500℃
Our ceramic: 88-90HRA, more hardness, the less ceramic powder falls and no solid
materials can be absorbed into the mouth
Normal ceramic: 9HRA

Our ceramic: 5.5—6.05 g/cm3, higher density, the seal function will be better, and
looks more high-grade
Normal ceramic: 3.6 g/cm3

Coil concentration:
Our ceramic: 0-85% thick oil
Normal ceramic: 0-70% thick oil

Working temperature:
Our ceramic: Because the high temperature during vaping will let the ceramic post
color become yellow. But we make sure our ceramic post temperature keep at 70℃, so
the post color will not change.
Normal ceramic: No temperature control, the post will become yellow after used

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